Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama Hones Immigration Policy - WSJ.com

Obama Hones Immigration Policy - WSJ.com

Looks like a new immigration battle is looming. What part of "illegal" isn't understood by the fools in Washington? Jim

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Brittanicus said...

America should rigidly adopt a "points system" on immigration reform as many industrialized countries have? Only the cream at the top of the milk, should get priority to immigrate. Simply stated people with outstanding credential, who are Ph.d in scientific research, top grade engineers and highly rated professionals, will be readily sponsored for a good paying jobs, exceptional health care, a great pension on retirement, in major industries. They are not going to become bottom feeders who take advantage of federal state and county welfare benefits. They will not be illegal pregnant Mothers who intentionally steal across the border, so the good taxpayers will support her and her instant citizenship baby. They are not the 20 plus million who are going to suck America dry, because either political party patronizes the corporate parasites that have attracted cheap labor. We can never have a balanced health care program, as long as taxpayers are forced by federal mandate to give free education, health care and a host of other benefits. The border fence must be a two layer system, that goes from Brownsville Texas, to San Diego, California--with a permanent special National Guard unit.

E-Verify must be in-perpetuity, not voluntary, for everybody throughout the United States. Not employees who have just been hired, but everybody who is on the payroll. There should be a large formidable force of interior ICE inspectors who make lightening strikes on large and small business. The penalty for hiring illegal aliens should be extremely severe, as they are stealing jobs from Americans and legal residents. Confiscation of assets, heavy fines and certainly prison sentences. Without these pre-requisites, E-Verify will not be efficient enough. NUMBERSUSA for more details Without any question's workers in industry should have be able to call ICE, and leave a message about their suspicions of illegal activity in their working location. Those illegal workers confronted by a upgraded application in the workplace, will soon shy away from any contact with employers who stipulate the use of E-Verification. Inferior enforcement for years of neglect and inefficiency whether intentional or not by previous administration, are to blame for the incessant illegal immigration that has clogged the American labors work environment. SAY NO TO ANOTHER AMNESTY! SAY NO TO ANY PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. RESCIND THE INSTANT BIRTHRIGHT LAW. RESCIND ANY KIND OF BENEFITS TO THOSE WHO CANNOT PROVE THEIR CITIZENSHIP! NO TO IRREVERSIBLE OVERPOPULATION! ERUPT YOUR ANGER IN THE EAR OF YOUR Senator and Congressman today at 202-224-3121---BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.