Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rape of Miss Liberty

I’ve lost my voice, it feels so weak.
I look around, I cannot speak.

He speaks so softly, with an assuring smile.
He asks if he can stay awhile.

He seems so trusting, so real, so fair,
He touches me here and lures me there.

I try to like it, I try to cope,
But I know it’s rape, beyond all breadth, all scope.

Running his fingers through my hair,
With eloquent speech, he touches me there.

I succumbed suspiciously, but still took the bait.
I forgot how his minister preached only hate.

With skill and agility he opened my door,
With swiftness and cunning his tentacles crept over my floor.

The puppeteer ruthless, dressed all in black,
Maneuvered the monster with agility and tact.

The rapist danced to the Daley song
A song so old, but still going strong.

Acorn who’s protected by the “Daley Machine” too,
Nurtured this rapist in the Daley Machine womb.

They made him strong to seal my fate,
In their devious web of corruption and hate.

That voice, that smile, how can I resist,
As his tentacles clench into iron fists.

He’s smashing my freedoms, he’s smashing my rights,
As I search for answers on a moonless night.

Masked by toothy grins and speeches on media TV,
My vision impaired, I’m unable to see.

He has emptied my coffers and still demands pay,
As he coerces my rape, on his bed where I lay.

Shutting my eyes, my unborn children I see,
Their fate sadly is sealed, as they lie at his feet.

They too will be raped, it will be costly and dear,
Endless trillions of debt they must pay, that is clear.

He has swallowed up car companies, licked his fingers and waits,
For businesses to fold, so he can serve them up to his plate.

He has strong armed the doctors while he puts them on hold,
As the sick hang in the balance for his yes or his no.

Europe looks on in horror from across the sea far,
And can’t believe how dense we Americans are.

Beijing dragons smell weakness as they lay low and wait,
For the insatiable monster borrowed their yen for more food for his plate.

When the time is ripe, they’ll knock at America’s door.
And demand they be paid back with our freedoms and more.

I am tired and I’m dirty and I’m covered with dust.
How can I free myself from his wanton and lust.

I am willing to sacrifice and I’m willing to fight.
But I need my people beside me to get through this black night.

Will they see and unite before it’s too late?
Will they fight off his tentacles of corruption and hate?

Or will I stand stripped naked, alone at the door,
Because my children I’ve watched over don’t care anymore.

Joan Sorenson-Redd
July 4, 2009

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