Sunday, December 7, 2008 - Opinion - JOHN BRUMMETT: Barack and Sarah's worldCommentary - Opinion - JOHN BRUMMETT: Barack and Sarah's worldCommentary

Read the paragraphs at the bottom of this column that talk about Sarah Palin and the Chambliss runoff in Georgia. Who was the rock star---who got the credit from Chambliss---it was Sarah Palin. Palin the political rock star. Others, campaigned for Chambliss, but Chambliss gave the credit for the win to Palin. I've recently talked to a lot of old Reagan pols---people I worked with in the Reagan campaigns. They all recognize the power of Palin. They see a lot of Reagan there. I also talk to regular Republican pols. They see something, but either they don't see the rock star power or simply for GOP country club political correctness don't want to admit it. Let me put it this way---if you were a candidate and needed a surrogate speaker to energize your campaign would you want Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin? If you said Romney you should take up knitting and forget about politics. Jim

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